Raging bulls sex in city stores, London. 10.30am Friday morning June 2017. Possibly.

10.30am on a lovely sunny morning in London day before yesterday in town on business, I found myself in an equally lovely department with charming customer service team looking at lingerie. Perfume wafted from between the aisles. The carpet was fluffy and all was well in this world.

Only the best from Italy from France. It was for a moment a short illusionary break from the normal, as I picked up a little satin and lace thing, just a little bit of nothing really for just under £1.000. Back it went.

Leaving said boudoir behind and popping into the loo, I bumped into a very busy woman leaving as I entered a marble world .

A man stood drying his hands. He looked at me and realising I was in the men’s (the urinals were a clue) I apologised and turned and walked out.

Something didn’t stack up. 1 plus 1 was not 2.

EQ, emotional intelligence, that 6th sense which we all have, is a very strong sense if you listen. Mine is very well honed after 15 years working hard in the Middle East in my own PR communications company, set up in 2002 in the Reuters Building  under Sheikh Mohammed’s dictate, to allow 100 percent foreign owned businesses. (I was business 180 or something of that order.)

Something had happened in the marble kingdom.

Sex worker, drug deal, date maker, post girl. Something that shouldn’t have been happening. I waited outside the said loo and as the man can out and  I asked him what did he think he was doing with the lady, (nosy parker that I am or frustrated Clousseau) or simply an interested professional from the world of the art of glamour and style  that I am in part.

This was no art installation however just I believed a sordid moment in the temple of retail wonderment: a world of luxury no, superlative luxury, the best luxury.

Amnesia came over him – “no no no lady in toilet” this  man with ropey English spluttered: he stared at me or rather his eyes were popping out of his head and moving about his eye sockets at break neck speed. Guilty as sin I perceived.

Why the hell I thought, was a male toilet in such a position? Where was the store undercover super duper agents. Signage why didn’t I see it –  pretty discrete?

I eventually, after a saga got sense from the door man a consummate professional of many many years in the job.  Finally another professional heading security called me and kept me posted as he started investigating.

A wandering Director, happening to pass whilst I was recounting my experience in the store to the said doorman, made me wait 9 minutes on a bench outside the store while he talked, very important business matters obviously, on his most important phone held to his most important ear. ” Don’t get upset Madame” was his opening shot after I recounted the experience.

I told him I was angry not upset. There is a difference.

I asked him to call the MD. He tried a nifty deflection to corporate pr manager. I I wouldn’t budge on my request. But sadly he was unavailable.

Protecting your reputation is I think pretty critical. I wanted to help them.

This store needs to do that. It’s owners would demand it as that’s why they bought it. It’s the season of the Arabs arriving in town and certainly luxury London retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs need their 💰

I lived and worked with the needs of multinationals, Governments, the global best in my own company business in the Gulf from 1998 to 2010. Now that was a challenge, under sharia law – cruel and non discrimitary and barbaric and inhumane.

I was do disgusted and incensed, I asked for a call from the MD to discuss.  He’ll call, his front line team promised.

Still as of today today he hasn’t bothered. Not like the owner Mr Beng of Singapore, who owns The Chelsea Harbour Hotel and many many more brands and hotel and assets globally. What a difference in response and attitude. I’m still working to help him where I can. His father started the business from just about zero, he has conquered the luxury world.

Thing is… I don’t break promises.

This British best in class MD was too busy being busy in Berlin or Brussels or Brighton to care enough to be bothered enough to find out what was what personally, to give me a buzz?

On the train later that night after a busy day meeting Arabic editors, clients, senior colleagues from the Gulf states, and a friend, I was reading The Standard and in the who’s doing what pages, the said MD was pictured glass in hand with another. Enjoying.

Time enough for social networking parties with others as the PR agency the host, wined and dined actual and prospective clients on a balmy summer evening in the capital it seems.

Get it right super luxury london  – the basics at least.

If I can meet a ruler in the Emirates as I’m trusted with their reputations and business without an appointment on matters of importance and they own the banks or the boulevards, I find it extraordinary in London that salaried seniors can’t work out what’s critical and what’s not. It’s arrogant, it’s outdated and totally un customer friendly.

I’m meeting, in the land of milk and honey, dates and black treacle the owners hopefully in a few months as it happens of this store.

I’m sure she would be most interested to hear my little tale of how one of the best of the best brands, its supreme leader on the ground  manages its customers and potential crisis of its reputation and profits.

It would have taken a few minutes to care enough, to assimilate the potential damage to the brand, to the profits, to call me up.  Now as a communications professional I have this incident, this story which could halm.

Moreover i’m left with a very unpleasant feeling about the whole affair – I’ll need to reflect on my next move I feel as behind closed doors, something’s got to change.

Get your act together, get your priorities right and frankly just be grateful I have ethics and at this moment have stopped to reflect rather than get it out as a story to hit the deadlines for The Standard, Al Hayat and all others via Reuters. Some of my media colleagues love stories like this

Open those closed doors: closed ears and eyes that perhaps don’t see beyond the illusion of lingerie .

Your closed off emotional appreciation won’t get you far post Brexit luxury London.

I’m still available to be invited in to the corridors of luxury power for a personal meeting. Send a ticket or send a car to pick me up. Call first to arrange as we are all busy though.





Money for nothing. Nope 2.75 a takeaway coffee in Penarth gone crazy

Penarth Daily News

The Crazy Cafe on Penarth Esplanade is “open” in all senses of the word – with its bi-fold windows admitting plenty of sea air – to complement the aroma of coffee and freshly-baked bread

The newest addition to Penarth Esplanade – the “Crazy Cafe” – been successfully pulling in the customers during its first week of successful trading.

The cafe/coffee shop  has its own in-house bakery and  patiserrie baking bread, cakes and pastries and is also a bistro .

Flashback to the 1980s . The location is the same as the well-remembered but now long gone “Rabaiotti’s Cafe” before the old Beachcliff building was demolished

The interior of the new “Crazy Cafe”/bakery/patisserie and bistro is a world away “Rabaiotti’s”

The premises occupy the same site  on the “right-hand side” ground floor of the re-built £8,000,000 Beachcliff complex –  just where Rabaiotti’s coffee bar used to be in the dim and…

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Sos I love ❤️ Penarth Public Meeting 5 April all saints church Penarth. Doors open 6 start 7 as requested agenda update

outcome thinking from I love ❤️ Penarth

we are suggesting that the outcome of this 2nd sos meeting will be:

1 to endorse by a show of hands on behalf of 1700 circa names on a petition (people showing outrage against pacl ltd and trusted trustees past and  present, the council and Vale who have managed to allow the Pavilion, pier and cinema with millions of pounds of public money, remain in a declining commercial situation)  ….

An open and transparent public enquiry led  by the assembly and or charity commission re those above needing to be accountable to the community for their actions and business plan

2 to endorse the idea of a community working party with an action plan be submitted for review for the reopening and protection of the cinema included

Incorporation of  residents with expertise from the pilot pub circa 45 residents with those in the first sos meeting in the scout hall (over 200 attending meeting )

We note Mr Rapier still refuses to dialogue or reply to invitations to join together with one voice we note and Andrew has declined the invitation to attend and summarise his online petition and view

3 to put in place working parties – circles of excellence covering:

hospitality, retail expertise,

tourism, arts marketing and comms, special events

finance and operations policies and procedures

Government and other funding / corporate sponsorship / tender process

customer loyalty and membership, community liaison

cinema – operations, funding, volunteers,

youth community group representatives


meeting with others with expertise to embrace best practise and key learnings  – i.e. Chapter chief executive and third parties i.e. Welsh national opera, college of Music and drama, special interest group leaders on Penarth

those with professional expertese to be identified and endorsed to chair the circles

those with professional expertise to lad the campaign forward to express interest including a Chair

4 preparation of a new vision business plan to be developed with detailed swot on current business situation by pacl ltd

5 voluntary campaign contributions discussion

6 outreach to specialists i.e. charity lawyers, accountants in Penarthhomhave offered to complete a forensic audit if assembly and charity commission do not respond positively to requests

7 agreement to next action by whom, by when

8 aob

Put in the stocks, public floging, tied to the flag pole on the pier ? PACL management may threaten with the police, bully, abuse and generally make life very unpleasant for I ❤️ Penarth community group leader. But.. she continues to march on after 7 months solus campaigning, with a mandate now from the sos people’s meetings in Penarth: position gains support from Mr Anthony Ernest independent candidate and members of the Independant party in Penarth as they battle for seats on the Penarth council. A Ernest looses but a change in Vale party leadership is our current hope and focus Nicki Page I love campaigner continues 

Source: Put in the stocks, public floging, tied to the flag pole on the pier ? PACL management may threaten with the police, bully, abuse and generally make life very unpleasant for I ❤️ Penarth community group leader. But.. she continues to march on after 7 months solus campaigning, with a mandate now from the sos people’s meetings in Penarth: position gains support from Mr Anthony Ernest independent candidate and members of the Independant party in Penarth as they battle for seats on the Penarth council



What has it meant for me an I love ❤️ Penarth campaigner born, schooled and an old Penarthian for over 40 years, now back home.

Finally, we may now get our public enquiry to establish transparently where every penny of our 5 million pounds plus went and what gives bad DNA candidates and directors and trusted trustees to look after our national asset and make a damn mess of it

To get the Vale of Glam events director Bob to review his teams wellbeing strategies and integrated events and suppourt us with the Art of wellbeing event – moving from cardiff bay year 2  TO HELP PEOPLE in the Vale – not just public servants who have now wellbeing Wednesday – lovely to pop out and have an ice cream with colleagues,  especially those that really go the extra mile and I have met some of those.

To be dealt with with good old fashioned manners and  courtesy – a little lesson maybe needed so we are all in the same paradigm

I’m waiting for an urgent meeting date with the new Leader and Chief Executive re the pavilion fiasco to be confirmed

5 years ago I smelt a rat nothing was done

Last 9 months I have marched about with I love Penarth stickers to expose and bring awareness to this issue

with andrew blogging and his petition

2 sos public meetings I set up and paid for

3 visits to physio

Lots of awfully hatefulled anonymous posts, by cowards who choose not to meet or give their names to me

Lots of upset volunteers who advise me of matters

Lots of lost revenue business

Verbal and physical abuse – now that’s just a little too much for any democratic country




Anyone investing such a substantial amount in Penarth seafront must be applauded – the development adds value to the residents and tourism experience – I understood from a meeting that a function space for weddings and events circa 150 guests was being created and the rooms were then being sold via air B and B. Luxury on the sea front with take away coffee for around £2.75 from the cafe will set a new standard in quality and price. With a takeaway coffee being available from £1.00 to £1.65 at the moment then it’s a big jump. In the town centre I found a coffee for £1.75 to take away. Adding value in the crazy cafe should be easier to achieve, to warrant the prices I believe with promised luxury art and furniture, singing and entertaining waiting staff and the quality of the food produced for those sitting inside or upstairs terrace. I’m looking forward to trying the home baked cakes and breads. With the cafe also serving milk and staples for residents near by, then I’m sure this will be welcomed by many. We need to ensure I feel the parking outside is relooked at with maximum parking times for cars to stay during holiday periods with another stab at reviewing the yellow line policy?

Penarth Daily News

The Crazy Cafe is the name selected for the new bakery, ice cream parlour, cafe, and bistro on Penarth Esplanade

“Crazy Cafe” has been chosen as the name of the new cafe, bakery and wine bar due to open in a few weeks time on Penarth Esplanade.

The cafe’s new logo is now in place

Work on re-fitting the premises – in the re-built £8,000,000 Beachcliff complex –   is still in progress and there is to be a two-week period of staff training before the cafe opens for the first time towards the end of May.

The Crazy Cafe logo has – perhaps controversially – been produced in graffiti-style graphics .

However, as it’s been installed in one of the front windows of the cafe,  it’s unlikely to run into the planning objections which the nearby “Shore” shop received when its proprietors  applied to install a “driftwood”…

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A total cover up and it MUST be stopped NOW

Penarth Daily News

The Vale Council claims it’s just responsible for running Penarth Pier . The operation of the Pier Pavilion (left) is down to Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – but documents give a different impression

With the May 4th local government elections just a week and a half away, the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council appears to be at pains to claim that the operation of Penarth’s Pier Pavilion is nothing much to do with the council itself.

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

The council’s Deputy Leader Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines – but who is standing in Stanwell Ward in May’s elections) has spelled out its stance in an email sent last Friday to Penarth resident Andrew Jones – who is  campaigning for the Pier Pavilion Cinema (closed indefinitely on March 6th)  – to be re-opened.

Cllr Burnett  wrote to…

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